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An Act of Kindness on "Pandemic Road"

Posted by Tim Phillips on Aug 14, 2020 9:54:09 AM

Editor's Note:  This is the third in our series "Life on Pandemic Road."  In the first one, Glen Rice discusses how his four-legged buddies are missing human contact at truck stops. Chris Hanna, owner of Palmetto Yacht Management, talked about safety measures and how their business is booming. In this one, owner operator James Thirsk shares a story about an act of random kindness.

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Hauling Boats During the Pandemic

Posted by Chris Hanna on Jul 28, 2020 5:50:51 AM

Editor's Note:  Some fleets are doing robust business during the Covid-19 pandemic and others are unfortunately struggling. A lot depends on what they typically haul. For Palmetto Yacht Management, business is booming!

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Life on Pandemic Road

Posted by Tim Phillips on Jul 1, 2020 9:58:16 AM

Double Coin customer Glen Rice says driving through near empty cities during the pandemic has been surreal, but his canine travel companions sure miss people coming up to pet them.

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Bad Weather Meets its Match with Double Coin RLB1 Tire

Posted by Tim Phillips on Dec 17, 2019 9:40:19 AM

A winter storm tracking from the Midwest into the Northeast early this week will continue to snarl travel and potentially close more interstates as it spreads dangerous snow and ice through parts of those regions. 

If you're an owner operator who regularly deals with nasty road conditions, take a look at the Double Coin RLB1 open shoulder drive tire.

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Pacific Tire Group Grows With Customers

Posted by Rico Austin on Nov 13, 2019 12:31:31 PM

It's not by happenstance that Pacific Tire Group and Aloha Trucking have been working together for many, many years -- working collaboratively to reduce tire operating costs for the Oahu-based trucking fleet.

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Aiming for 450K Miles on RLB400s

Posted by Mike McGuinness on Oct 1, 2019 11:49:14 AM

Owner operator Glen Rice has been running Double Coin RLB400s (LP24.5s) for nearly three years. His mileage on this set is 311,000 and he has 13/32nds tread remaining! 

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Dealer Recommends Double Coin

Posted by Tim Phillips on Aug 21, 2019 8:22:58 AM

A good tire dealer, like Pomp's Tire, analyzes the customer's operation and makes well-thought-out recommendations.
A South Dakota owner operator is sure glad Pomp's recommended Double Coin five years ago!
"The folks at Pomp's recommended Double Coin based on the type of hauling I do. I started with Double Coin on my trailers and then I put two sets of drive tires on two separate tractors," Paul Evenson recalled. "They just wear very consistently. It's been a good tire for me. No cupping. No capping. Just good even wear!"
Evenson, who lives near Sioux Falls, splits his time between farming corn and soybeans with hauling grain and bulk fertilizer. He has four T800 and one W900 Kenworth tractors that pull grain hopper trailers in tandem and tri-axle configurations.

"I've used lots of different tire brands over the past 20 years, and I just really like the Double Coins for consistent wear," he said, noting that the RLB400s are provide a smooth ride and dependable traction.

We receive feedback like this often on the Double Coin RLB400 drive tire. An extra deep 30/32" tread with stone drilling protectors promotes long original mileage in the RLB400, and the closed shoulder tread design provides even wear.

We sincerely appreciate Paul's business and wish him many safe and productive miles on the road.

Please read below some recent comments from other folks who sell the RLB400, retread it, and log many, many miles on them:

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Get a Grip With Double Coin RLB1s

Posted by Donnie Streiff on May 31, 2019 7:13:09 AM

Hauling grain out of farms can be tricky when there is often snow, ice and mud to deal with . . . that's why driver/mechanic Chris Diehl loves his Double Coin RLB1  open shoulder drive tires.

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Owner Operator Loves his RR150s on the Spread Axle

Posted by Donnie Streiff on May 7, 2019 8:51:52 AM

Minnesota owner operator Larry Vandenplas Googled "best spread axle tire" and read about an Alabama dealer extolling the virtues of the Double Coin RR150.

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Veteran Driver Loves His RLB400s

Posted by Mike McGuinness on Apr 15, 2019 8:16:44 AM

Glen Rice has just about seen it all in 46 years of driving and when it comes to drive tires, he says he hasn't seen anything better than the Double Coin RLB400.

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