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Lots to be Thankful For!

Posted by Tim Phillips on Nov 22, 2021 10:59:36 AM

It's pretty amazing when you think about all the steps and people required from assembling raw materials at the factory to installing a set of Double Coin tires on a Class 8 tractor or wheel loader.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, this is a good time to say "thanks" toDouble Coin Happy Thanksgiving all the CMA/Double Coin team members who have worked tirelessly (no pun intended!) to get our tires operating on highways and in construction, aggregates and mining sites.

Without question, it has been a challenging year importing products  to North America, unloaded at the ports and shipped to customers. We are very thankful, however, that our company has done an admirable job in all of this - much better than our competition in my opinion. We have containers arriving on a steady basis and our expanded network of distribution centers have TBR, OTR and IND tires for sale.

Double Coin warehouse worker on forklift-2For all of the hard work of the CMA/Double Coin team, we rely on our outstanding network of distributors, dealers and truck stops to get our products to the end users. We are also very thankful to the thousands of fleets, owner operators, and heavy equipment managers/operators who have put their faith in Double Coin tires.

More challenges await all of us in 2022 - the logistics constraints will continue to be troublesome well into next year. But let's all take a moment to be thankful for what we have - most importantly, our family, friends and local communities - that really is the bottom line isn't it?

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