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Road Safety Measures During the Pandemic

Posted by Tim Phillips on Aug 20, 2020 11:40:05 AM

Longtime Double Coin customer Chris Hanna, owner of Palmetto Yacht Management, shares some good tips on keeping his team safe and healthy during the Covid-19 epidemic.

When the pandemic began, the uncertainty of it all that was a bit unnerving, he Chris Hannasays. But his team jumped into action to identify some key safety measures:

Safety Measures

  • Fuel gloves were thrown out the window (not literally) and replaced with latex gloves which were also used for entry to every truck stop or retail store they visited.
  • Trucks were disinfected every day and were no longer shared between drivers.
  • Hand sanitizer was also stocked in each vehicle.

Eating Healthier

As time progressed, Chris says restaurants began closing their dining rooms and only allowing drive thru service. With these policies, finding food on the road has become increasingly difficult because their trucks cannot use a standard drive-thru and walking up to a drive-thru window was not originally allowed. However, with most supermarkets remaining open, he notes that eating healthier and utilizing their vehicle coolers became their new normal. 

palmetto #1

Overall, Chris says their business of hauling expensive boats up and down the East Coast is booming because what better way to social distance than get on a boat!

Double Coin Tires Come Through

With the increase in demand, Chris says one thing they didn’t have to worry about was their tire selection! With more than 30 pieces of equipment they rely heavily on Double Coin RLB1 for drive tires and the RT500 for both steers and trailer positions. With these tires getting between 250-300k, Chris says they are rest assured that their drivers are well equipped to go the extra mile!

Learn More About the Double Coin RLB1


Palmetto #3

Chris and Robbie


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