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Tires Can Help with Fleet's #1 Cost

Posted by Tim Phillips on Aug 19, 2019 9:05:20 AM

It's no surprise that diesel fuel is the single largest operating expense for a trucking fleet. A commercial truck can easily consume more than $70,000 of diesel fuel per year. Owner operators have zero control over fuel prices, but there are many ways they can reduce fuel costs -- like tires!

Leading tire manufacturers such as Double Coin are making steady advances in reducing the rolling resistance in their tires, along with lessening the usual trade-offs such as traction and tread wear.

Double Coin may not come to mind when thinking of fuel-efficient tires, but it should!

Double Coin, Michelin and Continental were invited to participate in tests by FPInnovations’ PIT Group, a neutral third-party research organization. The results among all three brands were close, with Continental coming out on top and Double Coin a close second.

The PIT Group ran two separate comparison tests on steer, drive, and trailer tires PIT Group photorun on three identically spec’d tractors and trailers.  

IFD405-FINALn the line haul test the Double Coin tires tested were the RR680, FD405 (pictured below) and the IM105 patterns. The Continental tires tested were the Eco Plus HS3 on steer, HDL2 on drives and the HT3 on the trailer position. The Michelin tires tested were the X-Line Energy Z steer tires, the X-Line Energy D drive tires and the X-Line Energy T trailer tires.

Fuel Consumption (L/100 km)

  • 31.99 - Continental
  • 32.54 – Double Coin
  • 32.68 - Michelin

Fuel Economy (MPG)

  • 7.35 – Continental
  • 7.23 – Double Coin
  • 7.20 - Michelin

The regional test was run using the same methodology, but with tires designed Double Coin RR150 - low res.for regional applications from each manufacturer. The Double Coin tires tested in the regional test were the RT606+, RLB1 and RR150 (pictured to the right). The Continental tires tested were the Hybrid HS3, HDR2 Eco Plus, and the HT3. The Michelin tires tested were the XZE2, XDN2, and the XZE2. The results were as follows:

Fuel Consumption (L/100 km)

  • 32.41 – Continental
  • 34.29 – Double Coin
  • 34.58 - Michelin

Fuel Economy (MPG)

  • 7.26 – Continental
  • 6.86 – Double Coin
  • 6.80 - Michelin

The fact that our steer, drive and trailer tires are as fuel efficient as more well-known brands and are backed by a 7-year, 3-retread warranty means that our customers can be confident in quality tires that deliver an ongoing lower cost per mile throughout the life of the tire.

Speaking of tires, maintaining proper air inflation is another way to greatly reduce fuel costs. Read more here.

If you would like more information about the ENERGOTEST Tire Challenge and a complete copy of the test results, please click on the banner below:

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