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Owner Operator Relies on Kenworth T800 and Double Coin Tires

Posted by Walt Weller on Apr 15, 2016 9:02:07 AM

Robert Benz has built a successful 19-year trucking career because his customers can count on him. In turn, he relies on his 2003 Kenworth T800 and Double Coin RLB400 drive tires to deliver mile after mile of hassle-free service.

"I've never had an issue with my Double Coin tires," Benz says. "No downtime robert_benz_cropped.jpg
and good wear. I'm getting a solid year on my rear axle drives and about 20 months on my forward drive axle tires."

Benz, who resides in Hawthorne, NY, hauls top soil, gravel and sand with his Kenworth tri-axle dump truck for construction companies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He's built a successful business by "doing what you say and always doing the right thing."

So how long has he been riding on Double Coin? "I know it's been at least nine years because I was using Double Coin tires when my daughter was born and she is nine years old now," he says. What a memory!


 “When I was looking to purchase high quality tires, I looked at Double Coin tires compared to other brands. They have provided good value  they are just awesome tires,” Benz said.

The Double Coin RLB400 (pictured to the left) is a closed shoulder drive-position tire featuring an extra deep tread and solid shoulder ribs for superior handling and maximum traction.

 Its multi-extruded tread package promotes cooler running, which preserves casing integrity and promotes multiple retreads.

We appreciate Robert's business and wish him continued success!

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