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Hauling Heavy Windmills on Double Coin Tires

Posted by Jim Manning on Jul 25, 2016 10:35:42 AM


Mike Zysko of Oasis Travel Center knows a thing or two about hauling heavy loads.

His one-of-a-kind truckstop in Robertsdale, AL, specializes in servicing rigs that transport windmill components from the nearby General Electric factory. We're talking specialized configurations consisting of three trailers and 11 to 13 axles with weights of 260,000 pounds and up (see photo below of Zysko standing on one of the rigs).


Zysko has been singing the praises of Double Coin tires to fellow Ambest truckstop locations for about seven years now due to their performance in handling these extremely heavy loads.

"The RLB400 (pictured below) is one heck of a drive tire," he says. "We're regularly getting RLB400W.jpg200,000 miles on our RLB400s, which is really great considering how much weight we're dealing with."

He said he also regularly receives positive feedback from his owner operator customers on the Double Coin TR100 shallow tread trailer tire, RR150 5-rib steer/all-position tire, and the RLB600 drive tire, which features an extra deep tread for severe service on and off the highway.

"For the price and what they deliver in tread wear and performance, you just can't beat a Double Coin," Zysko says.

In addition to servicing these specialized rigs, Oasis Travel Center is a popular Oasis_Travel_Center_-_jpeg.jpgdestination for all types of travelers. Its Derailed Diner looks like a train has plowed through the building close to a school bus, and the general store and gift shop feature a shipwreck, Volkswagen van crashing through the wall and many other transportation-themed visual delights.The down home Alabama meals and desserts are renowned across the South for their lip smacking goodness.

"Our owner has had a lot of fun designing this place," he notes. "It is truly one of a kind!"


We appreciate Mike's business and his efforts to promote Double Coin tires to other independent truck stops in the Ambest network. We wish him and Oasis Travel Center much success in the years ahead.

The RLB400 features an extra deep tread and solid shoulder ribs. If you would like to learn more about this drive tire or any of the other products mentioned by Mike Zysko, please click on the banner below:

Learn More About the RLB400




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